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A More Profitable View of Recon in ’23

Commit to better processes that help you identify and eliminate bottlenecks and work duplication that put sales at risk.

A Temporary Level of Success

For recon systems to get cars sale-ready faster, they must identify workflow inefficiencies to remove bottlenecks and delays.

Poised for Success

Being prepared in all aspects of your life, as opposed to procrastinating, will pay off each and every day.

Stop the Vending Machines from Eating Your Lunch

People like sourcing cars online. Here’s how your dealership can put in place similar competitive advantages.

AMT Launches Repair360 Reconditioning Management System

Teams and departments have access to real-time status for every vehicle from acquisition to frontline-ready.

The Next Rapid Recon Introduces Less Scrolling, Fewer Clicks

The advanced user interface expertly organizes team communications and simplifies approvals, speeding up how fast dealer users will move cars through reconditioning.

Selling Smartly Post COVID-19

Logical and physical workflows link reconditioning and sales. By leveraging both workflows, dealers turn more inventory, sell more cars and serve online and in-store customers speedily and professionally.

T2L Motivates Used Car Profitability

While you may employ the best inventory management, selection and sourcing tools you can afford in your used car strategy, it is crucial to realize that their promises of profitability hinge first on the speed and efficiency of your reconditioning department.

Process Insanity Wrecks Used Car Profits

T2L disciplines should be the core metric by which you measure modern recon science. This metric will allow you to ask one simple but vital question: “Is my current system bolstering my used car profitability?”

Proactive Time-To-Line Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

The auto dealership reconditioning operation is, historically, a short-term reactive environment. Whether a phase of the work in progress is a tech performing repairs or a vendor detailing wheels — or any of the many recon tasks between — each is siloed from his or her teammates. They are focused on the vehicle in front of them.

How Does a T2L Profit Model Work?

Could the savings dealers are realizing year after year once they implement a time to line (T2L) profit model be too good to be true?

Gross is Hiding in Plain Sight

It is surprisingly easy for gross to be hiding in plain sight at any dealership, but a quick holding cost calculation can identify the magnitude of the profit not being realized compared to the direct benefits, which in turn makes a compelling case for proactive attention to your time to line.