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Your Place: Women in Recon

Dennis McGinn speaks with three Rapid Recon female employees about their roles in the company and the industry as a whole.

Podcast: Women in F&I: Ignite Your Automotive Career

Arielle Vaughn, training and development specialist for iA American Warranty Group, discusses women in the F&I department.

Women in F&I: Ignite Your Automotive Career

To begin moving more women into F&I, we must address imposter syndrome and show women they belong.

Podcast: Importance of the Female Role

Spring Anderson discusses the importance of the female role in dealerships.

Why Women in Automotive Need a Mentoring Program

If you haven’t implemented a mentorship program at your dealership – or are considering starting one – here are some steps to help build it.

Women in Dealership Management and Leadership

Ironically, women continually rank among the top producers in the industry. We are also scarce.

Why Aren’t There More Women in the Automotive Industry?

When female clients see a gender-balanced staff, they will be much more comfortable entering your store for new cars and service. They may even consider working in your store if they see other women taking advantage of your career opportunities.

Podcast: Workplace Culture

Scotty Reiss, founder of A Girls Guide to Cars, joins us to discuss workplace culture and the Women in Automotive Industry Conference.

Are You Overlooking This Secret to Success?

How can automotive companies, retailers and vendors increase the hiring and retention of female employees and benefit from the built-in advantages that come with hiring women?

Diversity and Inclusion: Bring People In, Part 3

This month, we’ll finish our discussion by asking our panel what women and minorities wishing to enter the industry should do to make it in the business, and what dealerships can do to attract a staff that better reflects the communities they serve.

Colors On Parade Offers Women in Automotive Franchise Scholarship at 2018 Conference in Orlando, FL

By training female leaders and establishing them as business owners in this industry, Colors On Parade hopes to open many more doors for other women looking to establish themselves.

Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Diverse Team for Today’s Marketplace

The auto sales industry has long struggled with the issue of diversity. While many dealerships have taken steps to be more inclusive in hiring and training, it can be an intimidating world to step into for women, minorities and others not classically included in the “average” dealership setting.