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F&I 2024 Dealer Outlook: How Online Options Will Help Dealers Better Serve Customers

Dealers must find ways to maximize F&I sales opportunities, because in this highly competitive landscape, dealerships rely on the sale of these products to enhance their bottom line and remain competitive.

F&I Outlook from Protective Asset Protection
iA American Introduces New VSC, Limited Warranty Program

Dealerships now have the ability to offer coverage on either EVs or ICE vehicles within each of the new products.

3 Key Areas That’ll Challenge Dealers and Their F&I Profitability in 2023

Dealers are making sure they are equipped with some of the most advanced GAP coverage, protection products and online resources they’ve ever had to better serve their customers through increased availability of offerings, particularly in digital retailing settings.

How to Navigate the EV Market

With today’s soaring car prices, especially EVs, customers will want to protect their purchases with extended coverage.

Setting the Stage to Influence

Remember not only to practice the message that might address the customer’s concerns, but also how to best set the stage for your message to be heard.

How to Target New Service Customers

Trends threaten to curb dealerships’ service retention rates and ability to manage the customer lifecycle.

Now is the Time to Further Increase Dealers’ F&I Potential

The sale of used vehicles means more consumers are seeking protection plans to keep older-models in top shape after purchase.

Where Are Dealers Focused on F&I Product Opportunities in 2022?

With used inventory still in high demand in 2022, here are the F&I product trends that are expected to be in focus throughout the year.

How the Pandemic Altered Dealers’ F&I Product Makeup

Dealers are looking for ways to maximize their opportunities in offering F&I products that cater to new shopper needs.

Claims Management Rises to Top of Improvements for Dealership Survival & Profit Growth

Learn how dealers take firmer control of the claims process and reduce their costs.

F&I Opportunities Arising from the Chip Shortage

The chip supply issue doesn’t look like it will resolve any time soon, so how can dealers best retain profitability in the F&I department?

The Disney+ of Vehicle Service Contracts: Monthly Subscription Coverage Customers Will Love

No-contract monthly VSCs meet customers’ budget concerns, keep their vehicles in good repair and keep them connected to the selling dealership and its in-house repair facilities.