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How Car Subscriptions Can Alleviate Uncertainty in Used Car Inventories

With a steady flow of subscriptions from six to 12 months in length, subscription providers offer the ability to plan out dealers’ desired inventory months in advance.

How Are You Telling the ‘Story’ of Your Pre-Owned Inventory?

Focus on giving customers the new-car buying experience even with a pre-owned unit.

A Fresh Take on the 2021 Used Car Market

Expect to see even more aggressive strategies from the major groups and big box retailers for inventory acquisition. 

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CarSwitch Integrates with Cappasity 3D for Remote Demonstration of Used Cars

A 3D visualization of a car helps the consumer to see it from all angles of perception and check all tiny details, bridging the gap between examining a car online and offline.

Driving Up Used Car Sales with Interactive 3D Vehicle Visualization

Immersive technologies have the power to attract new customers, make the buying experience more transparent and boost conversion.

Skyrocketing Used Car Prices Drive Record Sales of Vehicle Protection Policies

A growing number of car buyers are looking to insure their investments against problems down the road

Why Vehicle Protection Plans Are in High Demand at Dealerships Today

Dealers must offer the right F&I products that are uniquely matched for used and CPO programs.

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Used Vehicles, Digital Inspections, Lifelong Customers

The clarity and education of the digital inspection can also be used in boosting the sales of used vehicles and provide a compelling reason for customers to return for service after the sale.

An Outline for Success

Clear expectations, ambitious goal setting and having the support, tools and authority to achieve what is expected are crucial.

Stop the Vending Machines from Eating Your Lunch

People like sourcing cars online. Here’s how your dealership can put in place similar competitive advantages.

Dealers United Leverages Facebook Click to Marketplace Ads to Boost Dealer Sales

C2MP Ads display a dealership’s live inventory on Facebook to in-market auto shoppers, driving shoppers to a dealership’s Facebook Marketplace listing.

Even Though Used Vehicles are Popular, Most Americans Hold Outdated Perceptions

ven though many Americans are buying used cars, the survey shows too many people lump all used cars with old clunkers,” Matt Arnold of Ally Financial said. “It’s time to let go of old stereotypes.” Arnold gives advice to share with your used car shoppers.