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Wheel Bearing Analysis: What Creates Noise, Endplay?

Wheel bearings support massive amounts of a vehicle’s weight for the relatively small size of their surfaces.

Drivetrain Test Drive

Premature center bearing failure could be the result of many factors. Read more on what contributes to drivetrain failures.

CV Joint Replacement Tips

Constant-velocity (CV) joints have been around since the 1980s when front-wheel drive (FWD) came into widespread use.

Ball Joint Inspection Tips

It’s important to remember not to miss a worn joint. If a ball joint fails, the driver loses control of the vehicle.

The Hard Life of Shocks, Struts and Tires

Even under normal conditions on a smooth road, shocks stroke on average 1,750 times for every mile traveled.

Curing Shock, Strut and Suspension Noise

As vehicles age, eliminating noise is Job 1. But “noise” may mean different things to you and your customers.

7 CV Joint Mistakes You Might Be Making

A CV joint rarely fails on its own. Outside factors can damage a joint worse than cutting a boot with a knife.

Fixing a Steering-Pull Condition

If a customer comes to your service department with a steering-pull complaint, never jump to conclusions about what’s really wrong.

steering pull
It’s Spring (Replacement) Time!

One spring rate might be great for controlling body lean, but it could be too hard to provide a comfortable ride.

Preventing Brake Comebacks

When machining a rotor, you have two primary goals: provide a smooth surface finish for the pads and provide a true surface finish.

Undercar Opportunities on Electric Vehicles

While it’s rare for EV brakes to grind, it’s not rare to get an EV owner complaining about brake noise.

What’s Behind Wheel Bearing Noise?

The classic symptom of a bad wheel bearing is typically a cyclic chirping, squealing or growling noise that may appear only at certain speeds. So, it’s difficult to make a diagnosis based on noise alone.