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Automotive Selling Tips from Top Realtors

Consider taking a cue from the real estate industry and apply their sales process to the auto sales industry.

Car Shopping Trends and How Technology Connects Consumers and Dealerships

With the market changing at an unpredictable pace, it’s vital for dealerships to adapt and try new things, knowing what worked yesterday may not be the same for today.

Build Toward Info Equality

Efficiency and transparency that flow from fixed to variable and on to the customer start in the engine room of the dealership, the reconditioning department.

Your Place: Think Like an Investment Analyst

Dennis McGinn speaks with Michael Hayes on how dealers need to think differently when managing their inventory.

Benefits of a Transparent Sales & F&I Process

Here are several benefits of transparency that might convince you this is the best way forward.

Power of Transparency Separates the Winners

Trust is the new measure of success. Evaluate how your dealership delivers evidence-based trust and value that your people practice and deliver to your buyers.

Value-Building Starts with Displaying Added Investments

Transparency here means sharing with customers exactly how your dealership reconditioned the vehicle they are considering.

Start Accountable, Transparent Relationships with Your Vendors

When you take the lead in creating more transparent interactions with vendors, they’ll work in-step with your changing reconditioning priorities.

Car Buying Should Not Resemble a Hostage Situation

Many dealerships embody high standards and seek to improve the customer experience but find it challenging to boost consumer confidence. Here are a few ways to provide a positive collaborative experience for your customers.

Are You on the Front End of the Digital Retailing Transformation?

The internet has forever changed the automotive industry, with digital retailing now transforming dealership strategies across the nation. But many dealers are still hesitant to fully embrace the innovation required to ensure future success in this rapidly evolving retail world. Their reluctance could bring dire consequences.

4 Elements for Next-Generation Vehicle Merchandising

Acting on these trends will allow dealers to cost-effectively and quickly reach more customers while establishing a differentiated presence in the marketplace.

Becoming the Dealership for Today’s, and Tomorrow’s, Consumers

“The way we’ve always done it” is a sentiment that keeps some dealerships from growing; in a few years that statement will be carved on their tombstone.