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Auto/Mate Dealership Systems Updates Parts Module

Improved workflows in the parts department make it easier to train employees, reduce idle tech time, increase parts sales and reduce parts obsolescence.

TrueSpot Launches TrueRecon Reconditioning Tracking Platform for Auto Dealers

The new technology was developed to better manage automotive dealership inventory and accelerate the speed of costly, highly dispersed auto reconditioning (recon) processes by an estimated 15-20%.

From Barcode to Bluetooth

Which vehicle tracking system is best for your business? Barcode readers might work for some, while others might prefer location services via an RFID network. Another option is a reusable Bluetooth-OBD module system that doesn’t require additional infrastructure yet provides even more data than one gets from decoding a VIN.

Podcast: Inventory Tracking

Mark Sargeant joins us to discuss inventory tracking.

RFID vs. Bluetooth: The Battle of the Vehicle Trackers

In 2017, over 17 million vehicles were sold in the U.S. Last year, sales increased by less than 1 percent. By any definition, that’s still a lot of inventory. Which begs the question, how do dealerships keep track of these assets?

Fast-Growing AutoMap Expands to Europe with Inaugural Office in London

Tracking a vehicle instantly decreases the amount of time each audit takes, ensuring a smoother, faster process.

7 Calibrations Necessary to Improve Used Car Profitability

Do your buyers and appraisers know how to buy and appraise, so the vehicles they acquire contribute and do not detract from your retail profit potential?

What You ‘Auto’ Know: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Marketing Basket

It’s in your best interest to take advantage of what both digital and traditional media have to offer. Relying solely on one or the other will only impair the effectiveness of your marketing plan. A two-pronged approach will almost always give you the best opportunity for success!

Titles and the Need for Speed

Dealers have known for a long time that the title release process is time consuming and outdated. It’s time to accelerate and modernize this process the same way the rest of the dealership and car-buying processes have been updated.

Sales Management Leads to Higher Service Absorption

It should be every dealer’s and fixed ops manager’s mission to put forward a plan to move aggressively toward achieving 100% service absorption.

Master of All: Why Executing on Just a Few Marketing Channels is No Longer Good Enough

To be truly competitive in such a landscape, dealers increasingly have to be not “jacks” of all marketing channels, but masters of all marketing channels.

Inventory Tracking: It’s Not Just for Dealerships

Using inventory tracking tools, an audit that might take an entire day can be done in an hour. When you have a car audit and your car is floored with a banking company, it takes up your accounting time. People have to go out and try to find vehicles that the auditor might have missed, walked by or can’t find.