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OpenRoad Auto Group Follows the Facts to the Money

The team has spent the last year putting reconditioning solutions in place for getting used cars frontline ready faster.

Rapid Recon: Recon Rescue

What should your dealership time to line speed be? Here’s how you can develop your plan of action.

The Next Rapid Recon Introduces Less Scrolling, Fewer Clicks

The advanced user interface expertly organizes team communications and simplifies approvals, speeding up how fast dealer users will move cars through reconditioning.

Rapid Recon: Inventory is a Waste

Where there is no accountability to reconditioning and sales efficiency, only one outcome is inevitable – cars can’t be sold. See how Rapid Recon can help you improve your dealership’s recon process.

Rapid Recon: Profitable Recon by the Numbers

A three- to five-day recon cycle speed is impossible unless you run your recon using a tool that gives you precise process control, accountability and information.

Rapid Recon: Trust Your Judgment

Look for recon workflow software that packs robust data, clear communications and performance accountability — all on your desktop or mobile so you’re always in touch.

Selling Smartly Post COVID-19

Logical and physical workflows link reconditioning and sales. By leveraging both workflows, dealers turn more inventory, sell more cars and serve online and in-store customers speedily and professionally.

Rapid Recon: New Used Car Profitability Solutions

Rapid Recon founder and CEO Dennis McGinn will make three substantial announcements at NADA.

How Are You Managing Your Speed to Sale?

This new standard is speed to sale, an all-embracing attitude geared to selling cars faster. Speed to sale starts with faster recon time to line (T2L).

Sell or Buy First?

Who knew that Aristotle, the philosopher from Greek antiquity, struggled with the same question used car managers do: Which comes first?

Process Insanity Wrecks Used Car Profits

T2L disciplines should be the core metric by which you measure modern recon science. This metric will allow you to ask one simple but vital question: “Is my current system bolstering my used car profitability?”

Proactive Time-To-Line Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

The auto dealership reconditioning operation is, historically, a short-term reactive environment. Whether a phase of the work in progress is a tech performing repairs or a vendor detailing wheels — or any of the many recon tasks between — each is siloed from his or her teammates. They are focused on the vehicle in front of them.