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Management 101: Missed Opportunities

A general manager has many responsibilities — from hiring management positions, developing short- and long-term goals, forecasting, advertising and merchandising strategies, to increasing profitability — basically nothing short of being the responsible party for all operations.

Outflank the Competition with Proven Data-driven Marketing Techniques

The days of one-size-fits all marketing campaigns are long gone. Learn how tapping into the power of data, you can create better customer experiences, boost acquisition and retention, and maximize revenue.

Podcast: Your Dealership’s Third-Party Data

Courtney Evans, VP of Product for Affinitiv, joins us to discuss getting the most from your dealership’s third-party data.

Generations Digital Introduces Analytics Express, Report Designed to Hold Lead Vendors Accountable

Each month, Analytics Express clients will receive their formatted and consolidated Google Analytics and third-party classifieds reports by secure email.

Broken Processes & Friction Points, Oh My! What They Are & How to Avoid Them

Implementing new software at your dealership should lead to improved processes, less friction and, most importantly, increased profits and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to the Age of Dealer Control

The days of third-party leads and Google are over. Dealerships around the country have poured their advertising budgets into these abysses for too long. For the first 90 years of the car business, things pretty much stayed the same. All you had to do was put up a big sign and place ads in the newspaper and customers showed up, ready to buy cars.

Is There Any Meat Left on the Bone for Your Dealership?

In the wild, the lion hunts for its food. The lion stalks its prey where it lives, waiting for the perfect moment and eventually pounces to make the kill. As the king of the jungle, the lion and its pride enjoy the “lion’s share” of the meat. After they have their fill, other animals follow