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RepairPal and Riptide Partner To Connect Shops, Dealers with Customers

This partnership provides three way texting services to connect dealership repair shops with customers.

Podcast: Revamping Dealership Sales Tactics

Jason Girdner of TECOBI discusses how dealerships can overhaul their sales tactics to meet customers where they are: online.

Don’t Let Lack of Customer Communication Cost Your Repair Department

Lack of customer communications between visits can be costing your repair operation in a number of ways.

Global View of the Auto Industry

Sell more cars by adopting new technology, like text messaging with leads and using live video conferencing.

Auto/Mate Integrates DMS with Text2Drive Text Messaging Platform

Auto/Mate’s dealership customers now have the option to use Text2Drive’s platform to communicate with sales and service customers.

Change or Die — Is It For Real?

The auto industry is riddled with people talking about change and how if you don’t change, you will die. That may be a little dramatic, but there are some really good reasons to try new ideas and techniques if you want different results in your dealerships.

Are You Letting Revenue Slip Through Your Service Department?

For every sales piece you create to drive new car sales, you should think about how this could also drive revenue for the other departments.