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Suggested Daily Tasks of Fixed Ops Managers

A lot of dealers and managers are asking, “What’s new in fixed operations?” When it comes to technology, the answer is “a lot.”

Bulldog Kia Supercharges Sales with an AI Assistant

“How much sense does it make to send all your internet leads and incoming sales calls to the lowest paid and least experienced employees in the sales department?” asked David Kernall of Bulldog Kia in Athens, GA. See how his dealership transition its sales process.

Never Lose a Customer Again

Database monitoring is one of the most effective ways to market to your customers, utilizing accurate information from the credit bureau.

Autosoft Launches Transformational Integration With GoMoto, a Self-Service Kiosk Platform

GoMoto drives profitability and improves customer experience with streamlined dealership operations.

Winning Internally: How to Implement Digital Marketing in the Dealership

It is 9:15 a.m. and you’ve glanced down at the Caller ID for the 12th time this morning. Checking your voicemail reveals an influx of digital vendors have been leaving messages in the last few weeks.

Electronic Power Steering: More Than Just An Assist

The electric motor has evolved to the point where it can now take control of the vehicle. More powerful motors allow the vehicle to park itself and even nudge a car back into its lane if the system detects a drift due to a distracted driver.

Keep Those Customers Coming Back

Analyze your fixed operations marketing plan to see how you compare with these strategies. Make the commitment to support your service advisors so you can keep those customers coming back.

Does the Rise in Electric Vehicles Give Birth to a Whole New Set of Recall Problems?

It would be prudent to begin solving issues that come up with the repair of electric vehicles now, rather than wait for mass adoption and an increase in recalls and exploding vehicles. This way you can gain a competitive edge and not be left behind.

CDK Global to Acquire ELEAD1ONE

ELEAD1ONE’s automotive retail front office applications and integrated customer service platform to complement the diversified product and service portfolio of CDK.

Help Your Salespeople Make Hundreds More per Month with Accessories

It’s time to make the investment in accessory technology that engages the customer and streamlines the sales process. It’s time to get serious about following through on such investments three, six and 12 months down the road.

Podcast: Promoting Your Service Department

Jim Roche joins us to discuss how to promote your dealership’s service department and keep customers coming back.

Mercedes-Benz Selects Two Start-ups to Receive $50,000 as Part of ‘Innovation Challenge’

MBUSI — in partnership with Urban Engine, STARTUP AUTOBAHN and The University of Alabama — announced the strategic partnership to seek out and inspire creativity to find innovative solutions using creative business strategies, software development and technology.