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TechForce Announces Winners in 3rd Annual Techs Rock Awards

Five transportation technicians recognized for outstanding
contributions as role models in their shops and in their communities.

SureSale Launches Digital Vehicle Inspection Program for Repair Facilities and Technicians

Robust vehicle history and condition report, and industry-first inspection app, speeds up vehicle inspections, building trust between consumers and repair facilities/technicians, helping them meet rising demand for pre-purchase inspections.

Need to Hire Techs? [Video]

Skilled, capable technicians are one of the hardest positions to fill. This program will help you find the techs you need.

Mitchell 1 Offers ProDemand Video-Based Certificate Program

The training is presented in a series of easy-to-understand videos that cover the features of the ProDemand auto repair information software.

3 Simple Rules for Capturing the Attention of Tech Recruits

Here’s a system that you can try in order to get qualified technicians in your door and then in your bays.

What Value Do Your Technicians Provide?

If an average technician produces about the same gross profit as an average salesperson, one would naturally assume that each of these people deserve to share equally in the attention received from the general manager and/or dealer, right?

What Condition Are Your Technicians In?

The cause of poor technician performance is not always easy to determine, but you can get started by having a one-on-one meeting with them. You might be surprised at what you hear.

Manheim Launches Apprentice Program to Address Nationwide Shortage of Skilled Auto Technicians

The MAP program comes at a time where many people believe that pursuing an auto technician career is undesirable based on outdated ideas about the earning potential and career path.

Are Insurance Carriers Going to ‘Total’ Our Collision Centers?

Lately, industry “experts” are justifiably focused on the long-overdue overhaul of attracting young people to collision recruitment and training programs. However, I have not seen such a feverish discussion to save the precious techs we already have.

Drew Technologies’ DriveCRASH: Driven by Service

DriveCRASH leverages OEM diagnostic tools and an infrastructure of more than 100 expert technicians to support collision repair departments focused on repairing intelligent vehicles.

DrivePRO—Driven by Diagnostics

Complex repairs and module replacement made possible through live access to our master technicians who provide unlimited expert guidance and symptom-driven advice for Domestic, European and Asian brands.

How ‘Sleepy’ Is Your Service Department?

After you check out your service department you will find the problem areas that need to be addressed and possibly form an action plan as to how you can make a difference in the upcoming months.