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Dealers Keep Improving Key Metrics Using Recon Software

Average days in recon speed is increasingly important as online selling stimulates more sales from cars still in recon.

Dealers Are Using Recon Timing to Create a Sales Advantage

Sales departments are discovering time-to-line workflow software gives them insight into incoming inventory, so they’re able to reach ahead of the curve to match vehicles with buyers.

Is ‘Holding Back’ Really Saving You Money?

With an efficient reconditioning workflow, each individual who touches reconditioning — from the GM to the service director and used car manager — knows, at any time and in real-time, where every car is in the process. They have all the details at their fingertips and can instantly make decisions when necessary.

How Are You Managing Your Speed to Sale?

This new standard is speed to sale, an all-embracing attitude geared to selling cars faster. Speed to sale starts with faster recon time to line (T2L).

Sell or Buy First?

Who knew that Aristotle, the philosopher from Greek antiquity, struggled with the same question used car managers do: Which comes first?

T2L Motivates Used Car Profitability

While you may employ the best inventory management, selection and sourcing tools you can afford in your used car strategy, it is crucial to realize that their promises of profitability hinge first on the speed and efficiency of your reconditioning department.

Process Insanity Wrecks Used Car Profits

T2L disciplines should be the core metric by which you measure modern recon science. This metric will allow you to ask one simple but vital question: “Is my current system bolstering my used car profitability?”

Proactive Time-To-Line Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

The auto dealership reconditioning operation is, historically, a short-term reactive environment. Whether a phase of the work in progress is a tech performing repairs or a vendor detailing wheels — or any of the many recon tasks between — each is siloed from his or her teammates. They are focused on the vehicle in front of them.

The Time to Line Recon Money Maker Explained

Consider two typical dealership reconditioning operations processing 100 cars a month. One transforms cars using the time-to-line (T2L) recon profit model while the other relies on whiteboards to track each vehicle’s progress. Financially, the difference in incremental gross between the two is $300 per car.

How Does a T2L Profit Model Work?

Could the savings dealers are realizing year after year once they implement a time to line (T2L) profit model be too good to be true?

How Much Should You Invest in Your Time To Line?

How much money are you spending to manage your time to line (T2L) — the days it takes to get cars from acquisition through recon to sales-ready status?

Happy With Your Time to Line?

Time to line (T2L) is a must-have metric for every dealership, one a best-practices store cannot afford to do without or work from a guesstimate.