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Podcast: Streamline for Better Customer Experience

Anna Puzier, business analyst for Auto/Mate, joins us to discuss how to streamline your processes to create a better customer experience.

When is Technology No Longer Optional?

Let’s face it, customers can be fickle. A big part of business evolution involves leveraging technology in all departments. Technology can help managers make decisions quicker and more effectively, which should lead to higher profitability and higher CSI. The key is knowing where you have to spend just to stay in the game and where you should spend to win the game.

Podcast: Meeting Customers’ Expectations in a Digital Era

Lori Wittman, senior vice president of dealer software solutions for Cox Automotive, joins us to discuss how dealerships can meet rising customer expectations in a digital era.

Podcast: Improving Your F&I Processes

Jason Barrie joins us to discuss how dealerships can improve their F&I processes.

Up in a Down Market: Navigating the Evolving Customer Experience, Part 3

I believe, eventually, you’ll be able to do everything online and have the dealership deliver to the home. For people who want that, that will be more of the norm in five to 10 years. Of course, there will still be some people who’ll want to come in, drive the car and shop.

Connecting for Success: Streamline Your Processes to Increase Customer Loyalty – and Your Profits

Study after study shows that the vast majority of Americans dislike the car buying process and would make big changes to it if they could. This may sound like bad news, but it creates a big opportunity for you. If your customers leave your dealership with a good feeling, an unexpected good feeling, that directly results in appreciation and loyalty.

Improving the Car Buying Experience By Maximizing the CRM

There is one constant complaint from automotive customers: Nobody likes the car buying process. In fact, according to a 2016 Autotrader Car Buyer of the Future Study, less than 1 percent of consumers like the current process. The study further explains that the two biggest sources of car buying frustration are that it takes too