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The Overlooked Management Tool

For a myriad of reasons, many managers don’t hold regular staff meetings. Good staff meetings can focus a team, energize employees and engage them in ways ad-hoc interactions don’t.

Podcast: Hiring the Right People

Noel Walsh, CEO of NW&A Sales Training, joins us to discuss hiring the right people for your dealership.

Lead Generation in Your Physical and Digital Storefront

Clear time frames or mileage for scheduled maintenance will put a clear idea expectation in the customer’s head on what your service department can provide for them.

Diversity and Inclusion: Bring People In, Part 3

This month, we’ll finish our discussion by asking our panel what women and minorities wishing to enter the industry should do to make it in the business, and what dealerships can do to attract a staff that better reflects the communities they serve.

Healthy Curiosity

Curiosity is a key element in the evolution of both people and businesses. Often, however, the structures we surround ourselves with don’t lend themselves to exploring new ideas or new ways of doing things.

Is Your Dealership Facing a Shortage of Service Technicians? Time to Rethink Your People Strategy

The shortage of dealership service technicians is likely to continue throughout the coming years and, without quality technicians in place, your dealership risks losing business to the competition.

Are You Managing Your A-Level Salespeople Straight to Your Competition?

Managers need to be held accountable for the development of their sales team. A revolving door for salespeople is not a recipe for success. The days of tossing 12 green peas at the wall and hoping a few stick are gone.

Podcast: Leadership and Success

We’ve returned to some of our past guests to ask how they, personally, define success.

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Podcast: Getting the Best Out of Your Team

Shane Born, COO for ProMax, speaks with us about bringing the best out of the Millennials and other generations that make up your staff.

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