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Overcoming the Challenges of Auto Dealership Renovations

A dealership that is in sync with the branding identity of the car manufacturer is an excellent platform for retaining current customers and continuously bringing in new customers, plus creates the “trust factor” that can inspire customers to buy.

The World Isn’t Changing, It Already Has

Digital retailing applications are helping dealers navigate the pandemic and compete with non-franchise online providers.

Technology Creates New Showroom Buying Experience for Consumers

Dealers can digitally capture customer data and sell more vehicles, all while reducing overhead costs.

Lexus Dealership Showcases New Galileo Video Wall

The Galileo processor receives feeds from multiple media servers and cable boxes, depicting a variety of Lexus promotional videos and more.

Dealers’ Digital Showrooms Flourish Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

For many, uncertainty resulted in slashing budgets. The data suggests management may want to re-think their digital strategies.

Podcast: Bringing the Showroom to the Customer

Kevin LeSage joins us to discuss bringing the showroom to the customer in the age of the coronavirus.

More Leads = More Sales, Right? Not So Fast

Whether your dealership operates on a buy-or-die or BDC model, having the skill to properly engage a customer, build value in the dealership and product and gain the customer’s commitment to do business in the showroom is paramount to the success or failure of business development for your store.

The Elephant in the Digital Showroom: The Sales Process Evolution

Each modification to your sales process can be tested and fine-tuned one at a time to meet your needs. The important thing to keep in mind is that buy-in is an absolute requirement.

Autosoft Launches Transformational Integration With GoMoto, a Self-Service Kiosk Platform

GoMoto drives profitability and improves customer experience with streamlined dealership operations.

Why the Customer Experience Matters in Your Dealership

Almost everyone nowadays has a car. In fact, many people are surrounded by several different car dealerships all promoting the lowest prices and best deals. But most of the time, what separates you from other dealers will be that you provide the best possible customer experience.