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NADA 2023: DealerPRO Training – Magic Show

Learn about the magic of joining forces with an award-winning leader in fixed stops training.

Are Self-Service Kiosks Here to Help Advisors — or Replace Them?

Self-service technology completes the most tedious tasks and gives advisors the space for better customer interactions.

Improving Customer Service In A Booming Market

With a focus on service advisor training, Edmark Toyota has improved service numbers as well as customer trust and satisfaction.

New Dealership Blues

While terrible dealership experience stories bother me, I think the ones that irk me the most are where simple corrections could have completely changed the customer’s experience.

Quickride’s Dealership Software Now Free-to-Try

Dealers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial without setting up any payment methods.

12 Steps to Building a Service Sales Force

How do you build an advisor sales force in your service drive? It’s no different than what you’re doing in the showroom.

Identifying the Value of Automatic Inspections

There’s no question that an inspection is a value-adding process. It undoubtedly adds to revenue and improved CSI scores.

Fixed Ops Management & Leadership in Challenging Times, Part 2

In this week’s DealerPRO forum, trainers and staff will be tackling service advisor training on better technical awareness to give them the tools they need.

Why Give Away My Brand-New Pick-Up Truck to a Service Manager?

Take a look at the fixed ops systems you have that are failing you, break the habits that haven’t worked and set yourself (and your store) up to succeed.

The High Cost of Ignorance

For those dealers who are committed to make ongoing training a culture within their dealership, I’m betting this year will be another sales record in both sales and service.

The Primary Mission of a Service Advisor

These seven simple processes will help you accomplish your mission to ensure that every customer is driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

How Green Peas Can Fortify Your Profits

If you need to hire additional service advisors or replace underachievers, think outside the box. Consider Green Peas.