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Consumer Perpetual Search, Can It Solve the Inventory Shortage?

With perpetual search, the consumer can receive updated vehicle recommendations as your inventory updates.’s New SRP Experience Boosts Inventory Search Efficiency

The new search results page enhancements help shoppers find the right vehicle faster by guiding them to the critical inventory information they need.

What Is A Person Search?

A person search is a search product that provides current and previous addresses associated with a person’s name, date of birth and Social Security number. The search provides the full addresses and approximate dates the person was associated with in the past.

Perception vs. Reality:

There’s an old saying that a customer’s perception is the reality. Very seldom do I speak with a general manager or fixed operations director where the topic of competing against Jiffy Lube and Pep Boys does not come up. After the warranty expires, 70% of those aftermarket dollars are flowing right into everyone else’s hands. The possibilities are endless in this $350 billion market where by most accounts, franchise dealerships will get about 30% of that number.

The Myth About a National Criminal History Search

Anyone who has the responsibility of hiring employees and overseeing employment background screening for their dealership has heard the term “national criminal history” search. Although the title sounds all-encompassing when doing a background search, it really is not.

Gain Consumer Trust with a Better Online Experience

There are many touchpoints in a car shopper’s journey, but few are as important as Google My Business (GMB). GMB listings show up in direct searches, and they collect highly influential information.

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Eric Brown of LotLinx speaks with us about using artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect with your dealership’s customers and to serve them more effectively.

Eric Brown Podcast
Slow and Steady Never Wins When It Comes to Your Website

Pole position on the racetrack is important, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. It is, however, strongly correlated with top-five finishes, including first place. Think of your Website like a race car. When you consider its value and performance relative to selling cars, a blazing-fast Website is your marketing cornerstone.

Do You Know How Much Your Dealership Spends on Job Boards?

Continuously examine how many quality applicants you’re receiving from each channel — rather than the total number of applicants — and evolve your sourcing strategy to focus on the highest-performing channels.

Podcast: Metrics for High-Performing Websites

Outsell’s Amanda Meuwissen joins us to discuss the metrics that separate high-performing Websites from ineffective online efforts.

Amanda Meuwissen Featured
Podcast: Moving Customers from Online to In-store

Scott Pechstein of Autoweb (formerly Autobytel) on moving customers from online to in-store.

Google Offline Conversions are Driving “The Why” in Paid Search Strategy for Auto

The day Web marketing was born, so too was optimizing for it. The recent trend from desktop search to mobile search has driven a rise in phone calls, and with that increase in calls has come the attention to offline conversions — specifically appointments set on phone calls created by paid search campaigns. Leading dealer