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Matco Tools Launches New Diagnostic Scan Tool

The tool is designed to perform wireless diagnostics, including read/clear trouble codes, view/graph and record the PID, bi-directional test, reset functionality and more.

New Snap-on Diagnostic Tool Has Scan, Lab Scope Capabilities

TRITON-D10 offers sophisticated verification and testing, advanced graphing features and OEM-level data.

EVAP Diagnostics and EPA Testing

If you concentrate on the basics of EVAP solving some of the most difficult EVAP problems, diagnostics gets a lot easier.

Autel US Releases CAN FD Adapter for MaxiSYS, MaxiIM and MaxiCheck Tablets

Vehicles currently using this faster CAN FD (CAN Flexible Data-Rate) protocol include many GM and Ford 2019 and 2020 vehicles. CAN FD is noted for being faster, more reliable and more secure.

Autel US CAN FD Adapter for MaxiSYS, MaxiIM and MaxiCheck Tablets
Snap-on Adds New Tool Matcher Feature to Website

The tool matcher also provides a comparison of the Intelligent Diagnostics range and shows how the different products increase in features and capabilities.

Empower Yourself with Optional European Coverage in Latest Snap-on Software Upgrade

European coverage highlights include 2018 model year updates, pre- and post-scan with vehicle system report capabilities, safety and advanced drivers assistance systems (ADAS), new service resets and relearns, special functions for engine, body and instruments and so much more.

Electric Power Steering: More Than Just an Assist

Electric power steering is quickly becoming a standard feature on new vehicles, but it’s not an emerging technology. It’s been in the field for the better part of two decades. Now, electric power steering has continued to advance by making autonomous safety features possible.

Snap-on Introduces TRITON-D8

Accessing the Intelligent Diagnostic functions on the Snap-on TRITON-D8 requires a software agreement, which will keep the tool updated with the latest information and functionality available.

Technical: Recalibrations – Are You Aiming in the Right Direction?

Scanning is about clearing a code, whereas recalibrations are about making sure everything is aimed or that all components can talk to each other when activated. Know the difference.

Snap-on Introduces Software Upgrade 18.4: Power up. Power on. Empower on.

Snap-on invests in the latest technology innovations, resources and aftermarket repair relationships to significantly expand vehicle systems coverage and strengthen tool capabilities.

Next-Generation Professional Full-Function, Full-Coverage Scan Tool from Launch Tech

The new X-431 Torque Scan Tool features a unique Intelligent VIN Acquisition and Decoding feature, allowing vehicle access in seconds.