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The Voice of Your Customer

If you’ve been to an automotive industry conference in the past several years, you’ve likely seen service providers offering some combination of artificial intelligence, digital retailing or subscription/alternative ownership solutions. They promise that these features will lead to increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and improved margins.

The 3 Components of Successfully Using Humor in the Workplace

While 49% of Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs, most people don’t realize that using humor in the workplace can improve job satisfaction. Here’s how to choose humor appropriately, so you will be more productive, less stressed and happier.

Maintaining a Positive Dealership Culture in a Volatile Market

The automotive retailing market might be changing, but that doesn’t mean your attitude has to shift with it.

How Incoming Calls Can Ruin You

It’s called owner retention and the best way to retain a customer is to provide them with the highest level of service possible and to always exceed their expectations. That usually begins with a phone call.

Great Customer Experience Is More Than a Free Bottle of Water

You might be one of those dealerships with a fridge full of water bottles, but providing a great customer experience to your customers shouldn’t end there. Here are some simple ways you can provide your customers with an experience that makes the perceived hassle of buying or servicing a car at your dealership less of a headache.

Does the Rise in Electric Vehicles Give Birth to a Whole New Set of Recall Problems?

It would be prudent to begin solving issues that come up with the repair of electric vehicles now, rather than wait for mass adoption and an increase in recalls and exploding vehicles. This way you can gain a competitive edge and not be left behind.

Podcast: Improving Your Hiring Processes

Adam Robinson joins us to discuss how dealerships can improve their hiring processes to create a successful team.

Auto/Mate Integrates with Quik Video, Helping Dealers Improve Service Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Quik Video makes it easy for service technicians, advisors and managers to create and send videos via text and email to customers.

The Right Prescription: How to Change Your Sales Approach and Calm Your Customers

We live in the age of the educated consumer. Instead of comparing and contrasting makes and models from different dealerships, most car shoppers only visit one dealership before making a purchase because they’ve performed their research online.

Loyalty Versus Retention

Customers become loyal when they think you have gone the extra mile. The days of saying, ‘We’ll treat them right and they’ll come back’ are pretty much over. Everyone treats their customers right in this market.

How to “Rev” Up Your Customer Experience

All companies, regardless of industry, strive to provide great customer service. But in the automotive industry, where car purchases can take hours of a person’s day, dealerships need to focus on providing a positive customer experience.

Podcast: Fixed Ops and the Consumer

Don Shaffer of Motorcars Toyota speaks with us about fixed operations, its role in the overall dealership operation and ways to better serve customers.

Don Shaffer Podcast