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Podcast: Why Service Advisors Fail to Advise

Sally Whitesell, president of sw Service Solutions, joins us to discuss why service advisors fail to advise.

Guiding Your Clients to an Exceptional Experience

Have you ever gone into a place of business and immediately felt uncomfortable because you weren’t sure where to go or what to do? Many of your clients may be experiencing this same uncomfortable feeling.

Achieving Greatness: How to Beat the ‘Good Enough’ Syndrome

Is your top performer good enough to set the standard for your entire department? If everyone settles for reaching that advisor’s performance level, will your store truly be great?

How to Turn Rings Into ‘Cha-Chings!’

When a potential guest calls your store, they want your store to be the place where they will spend their money. The sale is yours to lose.

2 Simple Tracks to Increase Your Survey Scores and Returns, I Promise

It’s not easy getting customers to return surveys these days. Usually, they consider it a waste of their time unless they are extremely impressed or extremely irritated by the service they received.

Everyone’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-Dressed Advisor

Does your team dress for success? If we want to be treated as professionals, we must look like professionals, so it’s time to suit up! We’d all love to wear our comfortable weekend clothes to work, but if we want to be treated with respect and taken seriously, we have to show we mean business by creating a professional image.

You Can Handle the Truth: Preparing Your Fixed Ops Team for Growth and Success

What if all of your advisors sold an additional half-hour to an hour per ticket while increasing customer retention? How would this impact your shop’s ability to perform repairs and service in “a reasonable amount of time,” as many manufacturers’ surveys suggest?

How Often Should You Train?

Consistent training means adding hours to an already long work week. A well-trained team will benefit the entire dealership.

Invest Your Training Budget Wisely

Let’s face it: With profit margins on new and used car sales diminishing every year, it’s fair to say that your service department is a big part of your profitability and critical to your customer retention.

The Convenient Truth

Anyone who has been in our business for some time can tell you the auto industry has changed dramatically — and so have our client’s habits and expectations. For today’s client, convenience is everything.

How Responsible Are You for KPI Scores?

Do you want 12 to 15 quality tickets with high KPI because they were able to give your clients the time and attention they deserve, or do you want a higher ticket count with mistakes and missed opportunities because they went into survival mode?

Service Writer vs. Professional Service Advisor: Which Do You Have on Your Staff?

We might assume our top performers simply have sparkling personalities, but many shy, quiet advisors work very successfully in this field. So, what’s the difference between the standouts and the underachievers?