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Individual Training Subscription Service Returns for Dealer Salespeople

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions’ subscription service aims to help individual auto dealer-ship salespeople convert leads to the showroom at a higher rate.

Are You Cutting Prices or Raising Value?

The best deals are when both parties go away feeling like a winner. Here are five steps to take in the sales process to make this happen.

Don’t Let Customer Confidence Kill Deals

In the face of waning consumer confidence, dealers can implement these strategies to stay competitive in a slowing market.

How to Unlock the Sales Potential of Today’s Generation

Put these principles to the top of mind in your organization and you will unlock the sales potential of today’s generation.

What’s Possible for Your Dealership with AI?

With car sales increasing, artificial intelligence can assist your sales team with excellent customer communication.

Customers Can’t See the Value If You Hide It

Build customer trust with digital vehicle presentation tools and add to the perceived value of used cars.

The Reason Your Advisors Can’t Sell, Won’t Sell, Don’t Sell May Surprise You!

For the advisor who doesn’t want to be too “salesy,” there are 5 thoughtful questions you can ask them.

The Train Game Is More Important Than Ever

Successful salespeople need to know a lot more than basic manufacturer training. Here are some suggestions for ongoing training.

Match Your Sales Approach to Your Prospect’s Readiness to Buy

There are five stages of buying behavior that a consumer will go through, and each stage requires a different decision by your prospect. Your sales and promotional messages must link to where your customers are in their decision-making process.

Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun

What positives can we extract from the debris of this most challenging of years? Here are some ideas to put you back on track and accelerate your growth and earnings as a salesperson.

2020 Vision: A Clear Path to Increased Profits

Don’t worry too much on volume and gross with your goals, concentrate on how well your sales team follows the processes. If everyone is following the processes correctly, the closing ratio will take care of itself.

Why Salespeople Need 5 Prospecting Tools

Prospecting is as vital a survival tool for automotive salespeople now more than ever. Salespeople who are able to create their own book of business by prospecting their network are the ones earning the highest commissions, selling the most cars and satisfying the most customers.