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Are You Cutting Prices or Raising Value?

The best deals are when both parties go away feeling like a winner. Here are five steps to take in the sales process to make this happen.

The Ultimate Best Practices for Internet Lead Follow-Up

A successful dealer knows that every lead needs to be contacted quickly and effectively in order to close them at or above industry benchmark.

The Most Powerful Skill in Selling

If you can’t listen to what your customer is saying, how do you really know that you’re solving their needs?

Podcast: Revamping Dealership Sales Tactics

Jason Girdner of TECOBI discusses how dealerships can overhaul their sales tactics to meet customers where they are: online.

Why Pushy Sales Tactics Are in the Past

It’s time to abandon the traditional selling tactics, like cold calling, and switch to a system that actually works.

Match Your Sales Approach to Your Prospect’s Readiness to Buy

There are five stages of buying behavior that a consumer will go through, and each stage requires a different decision by your prospect. Your sales and promotional messages must link to where your customers are in their decision-making process.

Sales Professionals Take Responsibility

Excellence in sales isn’t an accident, and sales techniques that may have been effective years ago need to be re-examined to meet today’s circumstances.

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Are Buyers Liars? If So, How Do We Get Them to Stop Lying to Us?

As long as I have been in the car business, I’ve heard salespeople and managers jokingly use the cliché “Buyers are liars.”

Stop the Trial Closes

Over the last five years, we have seen the greatest increase in retail auto sales in our history. Unfortunately, industry researchers expect 2019 to see a decline in overall sales.