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Grow Your Dealership by Measuring Your KPIs

In digital marketing, it’s essential to know your ROI. Learn how to measure the KPIs that will help increase that return.

Why the Writing on the Wall is Good for You

Are you allowing too much efficiency variance to go unnoticed in your dealerships, putting ROI and EPS goals at risk?

What Happens When the Acute Chip Shortage Turns Chronic?

Safety recalls are often found after the vehicle has left the lot. Getting those customers back in for repairs has tangible benefits.

Inspection Lane: The Secret to Better Service?

Service opportunities abound for dealers that can identify a vehicle that needs serviced in a matter of seconds. Depending on car count, a dealership can pay for an inspection lane in as little as 30 days.

Carwashes and Dealership ROI – Part 2

Determining the ROI of a carwash includes many key intangibles. In this video we’ll consider some bottom-line numbers.

Podcast: Carwash ROI — Not All Washes Are Created Equal

Mike Reijonen of Mark VII discusses how dealers can improve their ROI by converting carwashes from loss leaders to profit centers.

Your Comfort Zones Are Killing You!

Most dealers hold their sales team accountable for their performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and make any adjustments. Meanwhile, their parts and service teams continue to dwell in the land of underachievers. Why does this happen?

Why Aren’t My Leads Closing at 20% or Greater?

If you’re like many GMs and dealership executives, a fair portion of your time is being spent on reviewing your lead ROI performance reports as you try to make sense of why your lead-to-sold percentage is not where you want it to be.

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown

Unfortunately, many dealers are not seeing even a meager 10% increase in customer pay repair order count year over year and instead have stagnant service sales or even declining RO counts month to month. If this is the case in your store, ask yourself “why?”

BDC Not ROI-ing? It’s Probably Not a Lack of Accountability

Of course it is, silly. Did you bump your head? Accountability is missing, and it’s not just in your BDC. Where’d it go? Same place as your gross.

5 Steps to Increase Video Marketing ROI

If your dealership has a video marketing strategy, you already know that videos are an effective way to differentiate your dealership from the competition, as well as to increase website visitors, leads and sales.

Price to Profit, Not to Market

The used car business is more complicated than ever, with the availability of advanced pricing tools and marketing data transparency.