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Employee Retention Impacts Owner Retention

In many of my workshops, I ask the dealers and general managers attending the following question: “What do you do with a salesperson who sells an average of five units a month?” I’m guessing you know the answer to that question yourself — it probably sounds something like: “You’re out the door,” or “I don’t tolerate anyone selling just five cars a month!” Right?

Sales Management Leads to Higher Service Absorption

It should be every dealer’s and fixed ops manager’s mission to put forward a plan to move aggressively toward achieving 100% service absorption.

Making Fixed Ops a Partner in Dealership Profitability

When a team understands the greater goal is to sell and service more cars, it helps to create a culture of working together for the good of the dealership.

Defining a Clear Service BDC Strategy – Three Keys to Increasing Profits and Retention

The pipeline is full. When a seven-year sales streak ends, it will usually imply bad news. Perhaps it would be bad news in an industry such as big box retailing or with real estate’s housing supply, but it has the potential to be good news if you’re a retailer in the U.S. automobile industry.

Equitable Deals from Equity Data

Over the years, Morehead Honda has seen many changes in the automotive sales industry — both in automotive technology and in the way consumers shop for vehicles. To meet the needs and demands of the modern automotive customer, Morehead has developed new ways to provide sales and service opportunities to its customers.

Loyalty Versus Retention

Customers become loyal when they think you have gone the extra mile. The days of saying, ‘We’ll treat them right and they’ll come back’ are pretty much over. Everyone treats their customers right in this market.

Are Your Customers Feeling the Love?

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year or an elaborate scheme by greeting card companies, it is upon us. We spend this time of year showing our loved ones we care, but is your dealership doing the same for your customers?

Gone in 60 Seconds

We recommend that you develop a professional greeting for your stores. Train, role-play and have someone mystery shop to make sure your team follows through. After all, training for customer retention is a lot more cost effective than new customer acquisition.

Up In a Down Market: Finding New Ways to Serve the Customer, Part 2

In this series of our Dealer Panel, we’re asking our panel how they prepare for a potentially cooling market, and how they are working to maintain their forward motion.

Home Run Sales? Cover Your “Bases”

It’s the start of a new year, with the promise of a stable auto sales market in 2018, according to recent NADA forecasts. But the one constant in our industry is change. We live in a volatile world, and a competitive one at that, arguably more competitive than it’s ever been.

In a Jetsons’ World, It’s the Flinstone Mentality That Will Win

But as we continue to try to keep up with constant innovation and make sense of this whirlwind of information, a lot of us have forgotten the most important part of our business: relationships.

Leaders: Either Change or FAIL

Leaders in automobile dealerships across the U.S. are inundated daily with shouts that they must change or they are going to get left behind and fail. My question is: Change may be necessary, but are we listening to others or asking questions ourselves? And secondly, are we asking the right questions?