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Made by Myth? Dispelling Conspiracies of Recruiting & Retention

The hiring market is crazy but with a little extra effort, there are ways to find and reach good technicians.

The New Oil Change?

Oil is going to go away at some point. Tires need to become the new oil change.

Captive Lending for Used Vehicle Sales is a Big Upside for Dealerships

Offering a white label finance brand streamlines the purchasing process for the customer and puts you in the driver’s seat with the client throughout the life of their lease or loan.

Staying Ahead of Competition

Advanced technology helps Paragon Honda and Acura execute personalized and frictionless consumer experiences across every medium, from initial engagement to a final transaction.

Outsell’s New Platform Features Increase Customer Retention, Build Loyalty

New features help dealers recapture sales defectors and prioritize customer communication for dealer groups.

SafePoint Dealer Inventory & Customer Retention Platform Boosts Sales & CSI

SafePoint combines the most desired GPS data analytics with state-of-the-art alerts and notifications to take dealership vehicle security, inventory management and customer retention to new levels.

Stop the Bleeding!

Here are some ways your dealership can focus less on hiring new employees and more on building your team.

Podcast: Business Continuity During a Crisis

David Boyle, CEO for Tire Profiles, joins us to discuss business continuity during a crisis.

How Employee Retention Impacts Owner Retention

You don’t tolerate underachievers in sales, but do you maintain a safe haven for them in your fixed operations?

Owner Retention Programs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The premise behind ORPs is to stay in touch with sold customers, bring them back in for service and continue the relationship until they’re ready to buy again. Sending consistent communications to customers keeps brand awareness high and generates ROs and revenue.

3 Strategies to Cultivate Enthusiastic and Loyal Fans

Loyal customers tend to prioritize great customer service over price and scoring the best deal. So, it pays to put time and resources into nurturing your existing customer relationships. Begin cultivating loyal customers immediately with these three retention strategies.

How to Design a Fixed Ops Marketing Plan

Now is the time to evaluate your fixed operations marketing plan for 2020. Remember to give all of your customers reasons to keep coming back and they will reward you with big dividends.