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Dealership Excellence Depends on 4 Words

Accountability, communication, comprehension and consistency, when taken to heart and applied by dealership management, truly are the four most important words in achieving excellence.

Keep Those Customers Coming Back

Analyze your fixed operations marketing plan to see how you compare with these strategies. Make the commitment to support your service advisors so you can keep those customers coming back.

Who’s Responsible for Customer Retention at Your Dealership?

Leaving it up to the factory to develop one for you or hoping that management by committee will work is the least effective way to grow your business.

Cold Calls: Separating Trash from Treasure

There are, quite a few companies out there worthy of your time and have the potential of making, or saving, money for you. But which ones deserve your attention? Remember, your time is precious.

Building Leaders: Who’s Ready for Leadership

“I look at their current job and their current results to gauge their abilities and their outlook. If they don’t have above-average results in their current job, we aren’t interested in putting them in charge of a team.” – Chris Saraceno