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CDK Releases New Data about Gen Z Car Shoppers

The study finds gen z car shoppers spend more time researching and find the purchase process more difficult than older generations.

Podcast: The Future of Automotive Research and Shopping

Gina Callari, COO of Evox Images and RelayCars, joins us to discuss driving the future of automotive research and shopping.

Google Study: 75 Percent of Auto Shoppers Influenced by Video

Skeptics could argue that a number of factors influence auto shoppers on their journey. But this study focused on the research phase of the car-buying process, and in particular, video’s ability to convert car shoppers into car buyers.

How to Measure Purchase Intent and Manage Inventory Using Social Media

Marketers have learned to use these platforms to collect data, target customers and engage directly with them. Advanced technologies enable marketers to access vast amounts of information using tactics such as keyword performance metrics and attribution modeling

Why the Customer Experience Matters in Your Dealership

Almost everyone nowadays has a car. In fact, many people are surrounded by several different car dealerships all promoting the lowest prices and best deals. But most of the time, what separates you from other dealers will be that you provide the best possible customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence: A Big Win-Win for the Car-Buying Experience

AI, when combined with natural language processing and machine learning, can help buyers research and compare vehicles and make it faster and easier to find the one best suited to their needs.

Are Your Customers “Attitudinally Loyal,” And Why Should You Care? — Part 2

So now that we’ve established the benefits and necessity of attitudinally loyal customers, the question becomes: “How do I get more of them?” The answer we’ll explore here is customer-focused experiential and attitudinal research.

Now is the Time to Shift from Sales-Focused to Product Specialist Roles

Today’s car buyers are walking into dealerships armed with more information than ever before. The average car shopper spends more than 11 hours researching cars online. Dealership employees are no longer the gatekeepers of all the information consumers need to make a hiring decision.

Are Your Dealership’s Search Terms an Epic Gift or a Disappointing Downer?

Giving gifts is a bit like optimizing your dealership’s Website for search engines. Are the people you love (customers) going to get what they’re looking for? Are they going to like it? What happens if they don’t?

SEO and SEM: Working Better Together

With the ability to create a full encompassing digital strategy that is effective and trackable, my hope is that dealers will begin to see how spending their advertising dollars should change to meet consumer behavior using data.

Three Reasons Modern Customers Need a Modern Sales Strategy

Today’s customers have unique expectations. But if you shift your sales strategy, you can meet all of them and close more with modern buyers.