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Dealership Cybersecurity: Why a Proactive Approach Matters

Being proactive about cybersecurity is much cheaper and less painful than suffering the consequences of a breach.

Now is the Time to Address Your Dealership’s Reputation

Your reputation capital is the lifeblood of the dealership and plays a massive role in how much money you make.

Managing Customer Feedback and Your Online Reputation

Online reputation and customer experience go hand in hand today, you need to have a complete picture of what your consumers are saying about you and your brand online and offline.

How Better Controlling Your Keys Helps You Manage Your Reputation

By creating a positive customer experience that starts with proper key control, you can help influence how people perceive your dealership online and prevent unflattering reviews from driving away future customers.

3 Theft Risks to Look Out for at Your Dealership

When Googling “dealership theft,” the search returned over 30 million results. There’s a reason for that — scams and thefts targeting dealerships are more common than dealers should be comfortable with.

4 Ways to Profit From Online Reviews

Most dealerships today understand the importance of a good online reputation. Consumers see online reviews all over the web, and they do influence customers in their selection of a dealership for both sales and service.

5 Strategies for a Successful Business

Dealerships looking to grow and thrive need to connect with customers not just for their next vehicle or repair, but also to become the business they, their family and friends see as the one they trust above all others.

Setting Up Your 2019 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

This is it: 2019 is here! It’s time to get digitally organized.

Community Auto Dealers: It’s Time to Compete!

Dealers in the network will be able to leverage creative talent and technology to generate more sales and service business and build relationships for future sales too.

A Vision For Success: How Your Many Marketing Pieces Tie into a Single Strategy

Whether you’re looking at launching an SEO campaign, dedicating resources to monitoring your digital reputation or reviewing content for your Website, digital marketing in today’s world has become a complex, many-headed beast.

In a Jetsons’ World, It’s the Flinstone Mentality That Will Win

But as we continue to try to keep up with constant innovation and make sense of this whirlwind of information, a lot of us have forgotten the most important part of our business: relationships.

Sustainable Excellence in the Customer Experience: Start with Your Employees

What keeps a business going strong, year after year, for close to 65 years straight? At Ricart Automotive Group, the answer is uncomplicated: an unwavering focus on the customer from Day One.