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Executive Spotlight with Lori Berkson of Reputation

Lori discusses importance of customer reviews, and what sets successful dealers apart from the rest.

3 Ways Negative Customer Feedback Can Help Automotive Dealerships

Look at negative feedback to create opportunities to develop a loyal customer base. Here are three ways negative feedback can help a dealer.

Why Dealers Should Create Multiple Google Business Listings

New car dealerships are now eligible for multiple Google My Business listings.

3 Ways Dealerships Can Build Consumer Trust During Times of Crisis & Beyond

Use social listening to help you keep a pulse on customer sentiment and react quickly to customer needs.

Social Listening Improves CX: 4 Steps to Make it Happen

A social listening strategy has benefits well beyond marketing and metrics. Don’t miss these tips for improving your company’s social listening skills.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Feedback Economy

Online reviews hold a wealth of information that can be used to improve the customer experience, ultimately helping your business attract and retain customers.

Podcast: Customer Feedback and Online Reputation

Ali Fawaz, general manager of worldwide automotive for, joins us to discuss managing customer feedback and online reputation.

Insight into Who’s on Track to Rank for Reputation Excellence

The 2020 Automotive Reputation Report provides dealerships with detailed insights into their strengths and weaknesses, uncovering opportunities for operational improvements.

We Analyzed Over 16,000 U.S. Dealerships — Here’s What We Found

Ranking high and showcasing great reviews in local search is essential for building consumer trust and driving foot traffic.

Optimize Your Business Listings to Turn Google Searches Into Sales

With nearly all searches occurring on Google, auto dealers and OEM brands absolutely must manage their Google presence. It’s the new digital front door for your business. Here are four key strategies for being findable in Google search and for enticing searchers to click to call your dealership for appointments.