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Your Service Department’s Undervalued Opportunity: Streamlining RO Stories

Consider how much time repair event stories take to write. Now, multiply that by the number of technicians employed at your dealership and you could easily be wasting hundreds of technician hours every month.

DigniFi Partners with TruVideo to Help Service Centers, Dealerships Close More Repair Orders

With TruVideo, service advisors create videos to explain needed repairs via text to customers and can now offer finance options through DigniFi.

Is There a Cancer in Your Dealership?

Most dealers would not tolerate a finance producer who averages $250 PRU but a service director averaging 60 percent one-item retail repair orders has a job for life because “the customers like him.”

Bringing Your Service Department Into the Modern Age

Many service departments are still operating in the same manner that they were 10 years ago. Repair orders are being manually input into a dealership’s DMS, which, many times, isn’t connected to the dealership’s CRM.

How To Get Service To Pay The Way

Set realistic goals for them, coach them daily and get them professionally trained on how to be a salesperson (advisor).

2018 Brings Record Profits for Dealers

You must believe in the concept that 100 percent service absorption will put you on the road to having a record year. You then must transfer this attitude to your entire management team. Yes, I said entire management team — including those folks in the front end.