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RelayCars Revamps Website to Include At-Home, Virtual Showroom Experience

RelayCars features an expansive, high-quality VR automotive library, allowing users to take a virtual tour of any vehicle category, year, make and model from EVOX Images’ database.

RelayCars Rolls Out New Augmented Reality Vehicles and App Upgrades for Improved Car Research Experience

RelayCars powered by EVOX Images, the virtual and augmented reality (AR) experience that helps users research and find their next car, recently announced a series of app updates providing a more comprehensive and improved vehicle research experience with AR technology.

New RelayCars in Roomscale Allows Car Buyers, Dealers To Experience Hyper-Realistic Virtual Reality Showroom

Dealers will now have the ability to instantaneously showcase a wider range of vehicles and help consumers to make informed purchasing decisions through the realistic environment.