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Why Dealers Switch From DOWCs to ARCs

By now, most dealers are familiar with the “dealer-owned warranty company” or “DOWC” concept and, more likely than not, have reviewed a presentation touting the benefits of this structure. Providers promoting this structure often highlight certain benefits that are very enticing and alluring to dealers that are currently in reinsurance. However, providers regularly fail to

Top 10 Reinsurance Mistakes Dealers Make (and How to Avoid Them), Part 2

Reinsurance company ownership will help you and your family build personal wealth outside the dealership.

Top 10 Reinsurance Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them) Part 1

The right program can benefit every aspect of your dealership enterprise — from F&I and fixed ops to succession planning and retention.

Demystifying Reinsurance

Reinsurance is simply a tool by which an insurance company can lawfully transfer underwriting profits to another company, the reinsurer. 

5 Reasons Your CPA & Attorney Should Be in Your Reinsurance Meetings

Involve your trusted tax and legal advisors in reinsurance decisions to get valuable insights you may have missed and ensure their expectations for documentation and transparency are met.

The ‘7 Bs’ of Reinsurance for 2022

While you’re talking to your product provider, find out if they offer compliance training and get your F&I department tuned up for the new year.

How Can Dealers Access Cash?

The number of options available has expanded in recent years, as some insurers have created programs to support advancing unearned premium reserves.

Take 5: COVID-19 & Your Reinsurance Plan

You’ve worked hard to get through the pandemic. It’s time to make sure your reinsurance program is still working hard for you.

Plug Your Entire Dealership Into Your Reinsurance Company

Maximize dealership revenue and reinsurance profitability by capitalizing on new and hidden opportunities in every department — not just F&I.

EFG Safeguards Dealers’ Reinsurance Positions

EFG’s virtual claims inspection technology reduces claim cycle time and protects client reinsurance positions from claims fraud.

What If I Didn’t Have My Own Reinsurance Company?

Dealers who rely on underwriting and investment profits as a key source of revenue and financial independence would struggle to imagine life without reinsurance. Let’s try anyway.

Portfolio Unveils New Reinsurance Website

The site was designed to offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience to auto, RV and powersports dealers and independent agents.