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Are Insurance Carriers Going to ‘Total’ Our Collision Centers?

Lately, industry “experts” are justifiably focused on the long-overdue overhaul of attracting young people to collision recruitment and training programs. However, I have not seen such a feverish discussion to save the precious techs we already have.

CarMax Launches Recruitment Ad on National Television: What Dealers Can Learn

While not every business has the resources to air a recruitment ad on national television, a lot can be learned from this recent campaign.

Accelerating Down the End of a Cul-De-Sac on Techs

If we all lack the courage to administer such medicine, this will add up to a rough road for car companies and dealerships.

Looking to Drive More Fixed Ops Profits to Your Dealership? Focus on Your People Strategy

Your fixed ops department has the potential to be a major profit center for your dealership — and employees are your dealership’s main source of competitive advantage. By putting a great team in place, you can ensure your dealership secures more fixed ops business and remains successful in the event of a vehicle sales decline.

Automotive Sourcing: Looking Beyond General Job Boards for Top Talent

Beyond the most common applicant sources, you can diversify your sourcing strategy even more by reaching sources you might not have even thought about. Here are a few examples:

Carolina-Based Company Colors On Parade Hosts 2017 National Area Developer Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina

Colors On Parade is excited to be hosting their 2017 National Area Developer Conference in Raleigh, NC from September 29-30 2017. This conference is an enriching opportunity to gather employees who work in different areas throughout the world to come together once a year.