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On How Not to Get Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We’re entering a time again where that dangerous spot between that rock and a hard place is staring dealers in the face. The heat is already on, and some dealers are jumping out of the hot water and taking action. I fear too many will not, however, preferring to mush on until the water boils and it is too late.

Why You Need Rapid Reconditioning

At its core, the process of reconditioning trade-in and auction vehicles is a ‘time-equals-profit’ business. Intuitively, used car managers understand this.

Easing Recon Woes for Fixed Ops Directors

“We sometimes lose sight that used cars should be the most profitable department in the entire dealership. The reconditioning department can play a lesser or greater role in that outcome.”

Increased Profit with Modern Workflow Technology

Dennis McGinn explains How to Increase Profit with Modern Workflow Technology.

Average Days in Recon: ADR Spells Higher Gross

Last month I discussed Average Days in Recon (ADR), which laser focuses how reconditioning efficiency and accountability are measured when using reconditioning Time-to-Market workflow software. ADR holds the recon department responsible for only what it can physically touch. It does not include In-transit times or title-release delays. The clock on ADR starts when the used