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Your Place: What Does Success Look Like?

Jim Leman and Dan Kommeth discuss how dealerships can improve processes and reach goals — in the reconditioning department and throughout the dealership.

NADA 2022: Velocity Automotive Is Automating Dealership Success

The Velocity Automotive platform is about taking the dealer from recon to retail, with window stickers, a recon tool and a digital portfolio tool that markets the vehicle after it goes through recon.

Dealers Keep Improving Key Metrics Using Recon Software

Average days in recon speed is increasingly important as online selling stimulates more sales from cars still in recon.

Rapid Recon: New Used Car Profitability Solutions

Rapid Recon founder and CEO Dennis McGinn will make three substantial announcements at NADA.

ReconVelocity Brings New Levels of Automation to Recon Process

VelocityLocate maximizes complete efficiency in the recon process by automating vehicles’ step-by step progress in recon.

The Time to Line Recon Money Maker Explained

Consider two typical dealership reconditioning operations processing 100 cars a month. One transforms cars using the time-to-line (T2L) recon profit model while the other relies on whiteboards to track each vehicle’s progress. Financially, the difference in incremental gross between the two is $300 per car.

Happy With Your Time to Line?

Time to line (T2L) is a must-have metric for every dealership, one a best-practices store cannot afford to do without or work from a guesstimate.

The Future of Vehicle Reconditioning

Jaws dropped as Don Flow, chairman and CEO of Flow Automotive Companies, addressed several hundred dealers and industry affiliates at Automotive News’ recent Retail Forum.

Sell at Recon: A Photo-First Workflow Strategy

Used cars offer the best defense against margin compression — and how you leverage reconditioning as an offensive tool makes this work. Getting incoming cars reconditioned and to the sales line quicker can mean healthier gross margins for your used car operation.

Dennis McGinn Podcast
Podcast: Moving Inventory with a Photos-First Workflow

Rapid Recon’s Dennis McGinn speaks with us about using a photos-first workflow to sell inventory more quickly.

Dennis McGinn Podcast
The Recon Resolution

Why should you prioritize reconditioning programs at your dealership, with so many other great resolutions you may have personally made for 2018?

On How Not to Get Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We’re entering a time again where that dangerous spot between that rock and a hard place is staring dealers in the face. The heat is already on, and some dealers are jumping out of the hot water and taking action. I fear too many will not, however, preferring to mush on until the water boils and it is too late.