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Executive Spotlight with Mark Allen of AutoAp

Mark and Brian talk about the current state of recalls and how they affect dealers.

Let’s Talk Pre-Delivery Inspections

It’s time to modernize your PDI process by tossing out your manual checklist and utilizing a digital workflow process.

NHTSA Launches Interactive, Searchable Recall Dashboard

Website makes over 50 years of recall data easily available to the public.

VettX Partners with Recall Masters to Identify Vehicles with Dangerous Recalls

The VettX platform connects auto dealerships to a massive inventory of vehicles that would otherwise be time-consuming to locate and purchase and helps dealers scan this high potential private market.

Safety Recall: Think You’re Covered?

When CARR Auto Group identified the potential pinch points where vehicles with recalls could slip through the cracks without notice, they embarked on a mission to develop a cost-effective solution that could be easily managed.

What’s at Stake Legally When Selling a Used Car with an Open Recall?

Earlier this summer, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Edward J. Markey (D-MA) introduced the Used Car Safety Recall Repair Act to ensure used vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls are repaired before being sold, leased or loaned to consumers.

Consumers Have a Big Problem with Dealers Selling Used Cars with Recalls

When it comes to selling used cars with recalls, dealers seek refuge from scrutiny by turning to fellow dealerships for validation. We’re all doing it — it’s not against the law. Selling a vehicle with an open recall, while legal, is frowned upon by consumers. At what risk to the brand are you willing to go in order to move inventory?

Greet Recalls with a Smile, Rather Than a Grimace

There is no denying recalls create challenges for dealerships. They can throw off your service department scheduling and create friction with customers. The reality, though, is that recalls will continue to happen.

Does the Rise in Electric Vehicles Give Birth to a Whole New Set of Recall Problems?

It would be prudent to begin solving issues that come up with the repair of electric vehicles now, rather than wait for mass adoption and an increase in recalls and exploding vehicles. This way you can gain a competitive edge and not be left behind.

These Tips Can Save You from Selling a Lemon

Despite how careful you are to sell the best cars on the market, a lemon is likely to be on your lot from time to time. While you may have little control over the condition of the vehicles, you can prevent selling a lemon to a customer.

Five Ways to Use Inventory Tracking Beyond Sales

We all know inventory tracking works well during the sales process. A customer comes up, the dealership’s salesperson talks to them about their wants and needs to help them figure out what kind of vehicle they want, and then he or she finds the vehicle. In the past, this would involve the customer walking out

Podcast: Using Recalls to Reach Out to Consumers

Chris Miller, president of Recall Masters, joins us to discuss using recalls to reach out to consumers and bring them into your dealership.