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New Chernek ‘Digital Age’ Webinar Helps Dealers Navigate Shifts in Turbulent Marketplace

Chernek Consulting’s Zoom Webinar April 6-7 features top auto industry thought leaders sharing innovative strategies to help dealers navigate the dramatic shifts in the marketplace impacting F&I.

Subprime Originations Roar Back, Protect Yourself

Over the past few years, concern grew that the auto industry was driving the next credit crisis with ever-increasing subprime loans.

Podcast: F&I Practices to Reduce Profit Leaks

Becky Chernek, founder of Chernek Consulting, joins us to discuss if dealers’ F&I practices are leaving them vulnerable to profit leaks.

Do Your F&I Practices Make You Vulnerable to Profit Leaks

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “vulnerable” as “open to attack or damage.” Synonyms for the word include exposed and liable. All would apply if you’re not implementing best practices in F&I.

Digital Menus vs Paper Menus – The Human Factor

Knowing how to utilize a digital menu to build a relationship with customers could be a big game changer for your F&I profit margins. Otherwise, a digital menu may be just another piece of dead iron that sits idle collecting dust.