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Did Video Really Kill the Radio Star?

Dealerships need to take advantage of radio’s capability to interact with a mass audience and deliver messages in a personal way.

Podcast: Monitoring Radio Advertising

Jeff Johnson, managing partner of JKR Advertising, joins us to discuss monitoring radio advertising.

What Really Drives Automotive Sales?

Despite the advancements in online technology, I believe the general premise of selling cars is still the same today as it’s been for decades. A dealer can only increase sales in two ways; they can either accelerate business within their own customer base or conquer the competition’s customers.

A New Way to Tell if Your Radio and Broadcast TV Ads Are Effective

Rather than making an “educated guess,” you can use these tools, which work based on the numbers/traffic/leads you receive at your store each month.

Podcast: Traditional Versus Digital Marketing

Troy Spring joins us to discuss traditional versus digital marketing and what might work best for your dealership.