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Why Vehicle Protection Plans Are in High Demand at Dealerships Today

Dealers must offer the right F&I products that are uniquely matched for used and CPO programs.

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How F&I Managers Can Better Understand Generational Selling

Understanding the nuances of the different generations can make the difference between a good sales month and a great one. 

Which F&I Products Are Best for Dealers Selling More Used Cars & Trucks?

The increase in used vehicle sales has created an opportunity for dealers to offer a bevy of F&I products uniquely designed to help many of these car shoppers.

Protective Asset Protection Survey Shows COVID-19’s Impact on F&I Product Options

Of those dealers saying they have implemented digital retailing tools for F&I products, the majority say their customers purchased exterior appearance protection, and tire and wheel protection.

Protective Asset Protection Expands Dealer F&I Training

Protective is offering a variety of training webinars to help dealers elevate their success selling F&I products to customers.

Protective Asset Protection Reduces Production Requirements on Retrospective Programs

This reduction will be applied across the remainder of the year and all levels, impacting each level of potential payout.

Dealers See Bottom-Line Benefits from F&I Product Portfolio Review

Take this time to review your lineup of F&I offerings to ensure they have the right makeup of value-added products.

Where F&I Can Help Increase Successful Contactless Transactions

When it comes to F&I options, dealers want to leverage the online experience to remove any perceived friction toward the completion of the deal inside the F&I office.

Protective Asset Protection Makes Online Dealer Training Institute Available During COVID-19 Pandemic

This curriculum can be used to help industry professionals sharpen their skills during the COVID-19 pandemic and containment efforts.

Selling F&I Products On Alternate Fuel Vehicles? Here’s What To Know

Repairs and replacement parts/battery for EVs can be three times the cost of a gas-powered vehicle, which makes the right protection plan increasingly important.