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ProGuard Warranty Selected for National Independent Automobile Dealers Association CPO Program to Help Boost Dealer Revenue

The shortage of new vehicles has created high demand for used vehicles, especially late model, “nearly new” cars and trucks that most closely meet the needs of consumers unable to buy new. Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are increasingly popular, as they provide buyers documentation that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and maintained or repaired to meet certification guidelines. With CPO sales projections projected to reach 2.8 million units in 2022, according to Cox Automotive, this segment of the market is facing supply issues as well.

ProGuard Warranty Enhances Protection Coverage to Help Dealers Attract New Customers During Inventory Shortage

Change is inevitable and ProGuard is committed to providing innovative solutions that help dealers succeed by anticipating the unexpected.  “Our dealer partners know they can rely on us to be the eyes and ears to the marketplace,” stated Limongelli. “Having been in this business a long time, we are certain that the automotive market will continue to offer challenges and have made it our mission to help dealers adapt to the ever changing marketplace.”  

ProGuard Banks on CPO Program to Increase Dealer Revenue

ProGuard took this into account in developing their CPO program, simplifying the process and providing customer-friendly sales tools to promote the vehicles.