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The Time to Line Recon Money Maker Explained

Consider two typical dealership reconditioning operations processing 100 cars a month. One transforms cars using the time-to-line (T2L) recon profit model while the other relies on whiteboards to track each vehicle’s progress. Financially, the difference in incremental gross between the two is $300 per car.

How to Accelerate Profits Through a Slowdown

These are the only two options for your new and used car sales teams and they should be the only two options you have for your service and parts teams as well.

AmTrust Signs Agreement with PCMI to Automate and Enhance Reinsurance

New system will provide additional information and analytics driving enhanced risk management and increased transparency.

Are Your Expenses Really Too High?

Your service advisors are the key to making that happen so prepare your recruiting plan, avoid hiring someone else’s underachiever, recruit non-automotive with no bad habits, invest in their training and watch your net profits soar to record levels.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Service

In comparing the salesperson to the service advisor, who has the most sales opportunities per day? Who gets the most phone calls per day? Who gets the most sales training? Who gets the most marketing support? Don’t you think it is time to get serious about service? It will do your dealership good.

Price to Profit, Not to Market

The used car business is more complicated than ever, with the availability of advanced pricing tools and marketing data transparency.

Cox Automotive Forecast: December U.S. Auto Sales to Finish Strong

When the final 2018 numbers are counted, U.S. auto sales will finish near 17.2 million units, a modest uptick from last year. It will be the fourth year in a row beating 17 million and above most forecasts.

3 Rules for Profitable Service Marketing

Want an ROI that will produce for you the record profits that you deserve? Follow these three rules.

Podcast: F&I Practices to Reduce Profit Leaks

Becky Chernek, founder of Chernek Consulting, joins us to discuss if dealers’ F&I practices are leaving them vulnerable to profit leaks.

How to Get an 800% Return on Investment

Some of you will take the approach of “saving your way into profitability” by vowing not to increase your expenses but you remain willing to make investments every day of your business life. Let’s consider some examples.

How One Service Advisor Can Cost You $144,000

The bottom line is this: Everyone needs to be properly trained how to always put your customers first.

How ‘Sleepy’ Is Your Service Department?

After you check out your service department you will find the problem areas that need to be addressed and possibly form an action plan as to how you can make a difference in the upcoming months.