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When Going Shopping for a DRS, Keep Best-in-Class ‘Musts’ in Mind

Whatever DRS platform you integrate into your dealership, be prepared to train your sales team on this new tool.

Price to Profit, Not to Market

The used car business is more complicated than ever, with the availability of advanced pricing tools and marketing data transparency.

Boost Your Express Service Lane Performance

You might not make a profit on the services, but the convenience and goodwill they generate for your customers and the upsell opportunities they present should make them a profitable enterprise for your dealership.

5 Steps for Small Dealers to Compete with Online Ads

It’s hard and scary, but you’re not alone. Online advertising can be a full-time job on its own (in fact, it is!). It’s only normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and choices involved.

New Lease Data Forecasts Compact and Mid-Size Vehicles are Best to Lease in the Month of May

While most vehicle prices have remained steady into May, many dealers have offered lower lease pricing on compact cars and mid-size cars. Dealers are finding great value and opportunities in promoting lease opportunities with cars.