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Positive or Negative Motivation — Which Works Best?

In our drive to get the best results out of the people we manage or teach or coach or parent, we may adopt methods that appeal to our fundamental need to control outcomes.

The Voice of Your Customer

If you’ve been to an automotive industry conference in the past several years, you’ve likely seen service providers offering some combination of artificial intelligence, digital retailing or subscription/alternative ownership solutions. They promise that these features will lead to increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and improved margins.

Podcast: Recall Strategies

Dan Beres, managing partner, Enterprise Services & Strategic Partnerships for Recall Masters, joins us to discuss recall strategies for the fixed ops department.

4 Ways to Profit From Online Reviews

Most dealerships today understand the importance of a good online reputation. Consumers see online reviews all over the web, and they do influence customers in their selection of a dealership for both sales and service.

Is That a Dollar Store, an Online Retailer or a Dealership? Can You Customers Tell the Difference

Digital retail service providers sell dealers on their services by claiming to have a unique and perfect digital retail experience. The thought is that this is what online consumers expect after using Amazon for retail purchases. Why then do these providers pretend that the in-store experience for retail auto sales should be cookie cutter and dry?

Are Salespeople A Dying Breed?

Salespeople will only become obsolete if they refuse to adapt and interact with customers the way that they expect.

Podcast: Making Positive Impressions

Sally Whitesell of sw Service Solutions speaks with us about making positive impressions with your clients on the service drive.

Podcast: Recalibrate Your Thinking

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice returns to share ways you can recalibrate your thinking in a stressful sales career. marshbuice.com

Marsh Buice Podcast
Leadership Development: Inspiring a Positive Culture

If your words and body language don’t match, it is quite possible you may be perceived as non-caring, inauthentic and untrustworthy. Unfortunately, without understanding this essential combination, you may turn people off.

The Servant Leader’s State of Mind

By serving others, servant leaders build a healthier culture and a more-productive business that creates a bigger bottom line and a happier workplace. Below are a few insights into the servant leaders state of mind that hopefully will help you improve the impact you have on the people you serve.