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Preparing for the 2020 Applicant Economy

With the summer sales season in full swing, it might be hard to imagine planning ahead and preparing for the demands next year will hold. But this is the time to start thinking about what is working and what needs to change to set your dealerships up for a successful 2020. Your best bet will be to start planning for the needs of your true competitive advantage: your people.

Best Practices for Modern Consumer Financing in Fixed Ops Departments

Financing should be treated like any other amenity you offer — such as shuttle service, onsite free wi-fi, rental car agreements and even the coffee customers have come to expect.

Is Fear of Change Holding Back Your Growth?

With the right planning, open communication, ample and ongoing training, and invested partner in place, a DMS switch can give dealerships the opportunity to propel themselves forward and overall grow their business.

Podcast: Leadership and Time Management

We’ve returned to some past guests to ask them for strategies they’ve found effective when it comes to managing their time and tasks.

Time Management Podcast
What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A Construction Project

Change is pain, and nowhere is that more easily articulated than through a construction project. The process by which dealers must navigate their OEM, third-party compliance reviewers and local municipalities just to get their vision for their facility made a reality can be a headache.

Podcast: Getting Buy-In with New Software

Shane Born of ProMax speaks with us about the correct steps to take when adding or changing software or processes in your dealership.

Shane Born
Management and Ownership Succession – The Time to Plan is Now!

Most dealer principals have worked diligently for many years to build value in their dealership. The dealership has become a large aspect of their daily lives. It’s in their blood! Many still play a large role in the daily operation and would find it difficult to give the helm up to anyone, including their children.

Take a Moment

It’s full of possibilities. Anything could happen this year. This could be the year where all the work pays off and all your dreams come true. The year is waiting for you, urging you to get started.

Up in a Down Market: Training and Marketing When Things Slow Down

“Our overall strategy? Stay the course. Stay in your lane. Market to your customers. Full steam ahead. Walt Disney said it best when he said, ‘I’ve heard there’s going to be a recession. I’ve decided not to participate.’”

Staying Engaged and Planning for the Future

PEOPLE CAN BE RESISTANT TO CHANGE, SO YOU BREAK THAT RESISTANCE DOWN BY EMBRACING IT, UNDERSTANDING IT AND PUTTING FOCUS ON IT… When David Elattrache stepped in as the general manager of Huggins Honda in 2009, he knew that some changes would be inevitable to keep the dealership competitive for its future. After all, technology