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Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops?

If your Net is not increasing, compare your year over year Sales, Gross Profits and Expenses to help you determine if your Sales and Gross Profits are too low or if your Expenses too high … or is it BOTH?

Podcast: Leadership and Time Management

We’ve returned to some past guests to ask them for strategies they’ve found effective when it comes to managing their time and tasks.

Time Management Podcast
Marketing and the Myth of “We Need A New Idea!”

Want to address the true need behind the “new idea” myth? Here are three steps to moving away from this myopic approach, and toward a more strategic and holistic way of finding better tactics, more creative pathways and greater results from your marketing.

Getting Ready for the Storm: Preparing Your Dealership for Potential Disaster, Part 1

This year, in the space of two weeks, two major hurricanes struck the United States — the first time in recorded history that the country has been hit with storms of such intensity in the same hurricane season. In late August, Harvey hit the Houston area leaving major floods all along — and well past