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Digitization in Automotive Merchandising Still Far Off

The photos and merchandizing process for today’s modern dealership is still not where it should be.

Podcast: Photo Quality Affects Consumers’ Trust

Brad King, president of Dealermade, joins us to discuss your inventory photo quality and how that affects consumer trust.

Time is Money: Automating Vehicle Photos

Great pictures have always delivered faster turn rates and enhanced values. In today’s competitive market, having quality pictures online has never been more important to dealerships. A customer will never make it to your beautiful store to see your multimillion-dollar investment unless your pictures stand out from other stores.

Sell at Recon: A Photo-First Workflow Strategy

Used cars offer the best defense against margin compression — and how you leverage reconditioning as an offensive tool makes this work. Getting incoming cars reconditioned and to the sales line quicker can mean healthier gross margins for your used car operation.

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