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Maximize Your Customer Experience to Maximize Your Business Potential

If you’re in charge of your dealership’s fixed ops department, time is not just money, it is also the road to a better customer experience.

Overcome Inventory Shortages by Mastering 3 Simple Phone Handling Strategies

Master capturing every lead with soft phone skills, overcoming roadblocks and dominating next steps of setting firm appointments.

Top 5 Disruptive Inbound and Outbound Phone Trends in Service

Customer service starts on the phone. Measure your communication efforts and hold your team accountable.

If You Would Just Answer Your Phone

Dealerships spend thousands of dollars each month to drive business through leads and calls. Many will not connect. Here’s how you can avoid wasting that time, effort and investment.

Podcast: Phone Data to Fight Back Against COVID-19

Cory Wright, director of training for CallRevu, joins us discuss using phone data to fight back against COVID-19.

Car Wars Protects Businesses From Spam Call Surge During Mid-term Elections

As an industry leader in business telephony solutions, Car Wars leverages machine learning and proprietary algorithms to stop spam before it even reaches a business’ lines.

Dealership Commitment to Hands-Free Driving

Approximately 80 percent of accidents and 16 percent of highway fatalities are caused by distracted drivers (National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration [NHTSA]), and cell phone use is the second largest cause of distracted driving (Safe Start).

Triple Crown of Dealership Success

With AutoSuccess on your side, winning the automotive dealership race is a sure bet.

Onboarding the Right Employees for Handling the Phone in 90 Days

Setting a foundation isn’t an overnight process. ‘Hitting the ground running’ does nothing but set you and your new hire up for a train wreck. It takes new hires eight months to reach their full potential. Put the time in and do it right. A one-week onboarding process isn’t sufficient for new hires; learning takes time.

Today’s Dealership Differentiator: Personalized Development

When people learn, they need feedback that tells them whether or not they are doing the right thing. Mastery requires feedback; so, the more you can provide feedback, the better your coaching and development efforts will be.

Promises, Phone Processes and People

There is a reason great and rapidly growing brands like Subaru have laser focus on their customers’ phone experience, as well as email, chat and text. Subaru advertises “Live. Love.” and “The Love Promise,” and so they deliver their love for their customers at every touchpoint.