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EasyCare Partners with Darwin to Provide Full Suite of Digital Retailing Options to Dealers

By this partnership, EasyCare will be a preferred partner for Darwin’s premier F&I menu system, as well as their digital retailing and consumer self-service tool.

Darwin Online’s Fastlane Makes Purchase Process Shareable

With Fastlane, consumers can build out their deal and share it with anyone in the world at the click of a button.

Leadership Podcast: Great Ideas

We’ve return to ask some of our past guest to ask them where do your great idea come from within your organization.

Podcast: Personalized Selling

Phil Battista, CEO for Darwin Automotive, joins us to discuss personalized selling.

Change or Die — Is It For Real?

The auto industry is riddled with people talking about change and how if you don’t change, you will die. That may be a little dramatic, but there are some really good reasons to try new ideas and techniques if you want different results in your dealerships.

Podcast: Coaching Your Dealership to Success

Phil Battista, CEO of Darwin Automotive, joins us to discuss coaching a dealership to success.

Qvale Automotive Group Revolutionizes Process with Help from The Menu Brothers

When Qvale Auto Group decided it was time to have a single customer experience for all of their franchises, the challenge became that none of their current software providers could provide the single solution they were looking for. Until they met The Menu Brothers.

What Does Leadership Really Mean to a Dealership?

Many people often think of leaders as the captain of a boat steering the ship in a particular direction or a general on a battlefield.

The Doctor is In! The Power of Prescriptive and Suggestive Selling

Many of you have heard about prescriptive selling and suggestive selling, but many people don’t truly know what it means or are afraid of it.

F&I Solution Section: Target Marketing: The Key to Expense Reduction

I recently was working with a pretty sizable dealer group in the Northeast and we were examining the group’s advertising expenses and overall profitability.

F&I Solutions: How to Use Big Data, Not Applications, to Combat Margin Compression

The key here is to stay fluid with the market so as the business continues to change and evolve, you do as well. Keeping your dealership “cutting edge” is your responsibility.

Technology is Just Part of the Package

Phillip Battista is happy to see other companies start to take his position on one of his core tenants: The PPT Approach. No, not PowerPoint, but People, Processes, and Technology. He believes this is a basic rule for success in the automotive business.