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Andrea Amico & Personal Information in Vehicles

Dennis McGinn speaks with Andreas Amico on what dealers need to learn about deleting personal data to protect their customers and their business.

Privacy4Cars Secures Patents to Delete Personal Information from Vehicles

Privacy4Cars offers a global tool for the deletion of personal information including phone numbers, call logs, text messages, garage door codes and more that would otherwise remain stored in modern vehicles’ systems after a handoff.

The Quiet, Billion-Dollar Liability Auto Finance & Insurance Companies Face

With fines that can cost up to $7,500 per occurrence and with 273 million vehicles on the road today, not deleting the personal information in vehicles constitutes a multi-billion-dollar exposure for the automotive industry.

CarLotz Partners with Privacy4Cars

Through this partnership, CarLotz is offering best-in-class protections to those remarketers who want to take advantage of the improved economics of a retail model without compromising to outdated standards.

American Recovery Association, Privacy4Cars Partner to Protect Consumer Information

Under this new partnership, ARA now can offer its clients safety nets and protections to improve customer experience, reduce risk and extend data governance across vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

Protecting Consumer Personal Information: Risks and Opportunities for Dealerships

Dealerships may also discover that the rising attention to privacy can present opportunities to better serve their clientele and to offer services addressing the protection and peace of mind they demand.

The New Consumer Privacy Laws: What You Can Do Now To Comply

If information is not going to be provided or deleted, or doing so is delayed, the consumer must be notified of the reason for the delay or the decision not to delete the information, and of any right of the consumer has to appeal the decision to the dealership.